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Occupational Health & Safety Inspection and Audit Services

Understanding the regulatory environment from the regulators perspective is key to a good audit. The first hand experiences of our team and our comprehensive approach will assist your business to improve overall workplace safety performance by identifying areas of 

vulnerability in your current OHS program, and identifying recommendations or next steps. This approach will highlight the strengths of your business’ workplace occupational health safety program, but more importantly, identify specific opportunities to improve your workplace safety performance. Through an internal responsibility lens, we will proactively provide your business with a value-added service of working with you to provide practical recommendations for improvement.

Occupational Health & Safety Investigation Services

Our team is ready seven days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure that your Safety Management System is working at optimal levels. In the event of a workplace incident, our team is on call and available to provide you with around the clock advice and guidance.

With firsthand knowledge of the investigation process, from scene management to matters brought in before the courts, we can assist you through this difficult time. Our investigators can help to determine the underlying or "root" causes of the events/incidents; and from there, we can recommend effective and practical solutions to assist in preventing the situation from reoccurring.

Occupational Health & Safety Training

Our clients appreciate our approach to safety training at their workplace. With such a broad range of experience, our team can build training specific to your operation and audience. We offer premier training to help your organization stay abreast of industry best practices and regulatory compliance issues.

Fleet Safety Management & Training

Our team boasts hands-on knowledge of all areas of fleet safety, including: National Safety Code Auditing, Commercial Vehicle Compliance Training and Enforcement, Commercial Vehicle Equipment Training and Evaluations, Transportation of Dangerous Goods and On-Scene Collision Investigations.With former Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Inspectors and Instructors on our

team, you can be assured our suite of training programs and services are delivered through the safety and compliance lens. Whether it’s driver/operator evaluations to full fleet safety management, our team has the experience and the proven track record to make a positive impact within your organization

Fire Safety & Technical Support

Our competent and fully certified[1] Fire Inspection & Plan Examination team will work with your business to inspect and identify deficiencies related to matters of Fire Protection and Life Safety. Working with our clients, we will provide code[2] compliant solutions

which will enable your business to efficiently implement risk mitigation measures.

1. IFSAC accredited NFPA 1031 Level III Fire Inspector and Level II Plan Examiner

2. National Fire Code of Canada 2015 & National Building Code of Canada 2015

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